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How to Zoom in on a Picture and Make it Clear

If you’ve ever used a zoom tool to enlarge an image, you already know that there will be a quality loss. They frequently appear very blurry and pixelated, and if we zoom in too closely, it can be challenging to reconstruct what the original image looked like. This is mostly due to the fact that every digital image is constructed from individual pixels that are shown on your screen.

Since the pixels start to get bigger as you enlarge them, you will eventually start noticing square-shaped edges, which will ruin the smoothness of the image you were experiencing before. Thankfully, there are certain programs you can use to increase the size of your images without having to worry about the quality being compromised.  This article explains How to Zoom in on a Picture and Make it Clear, as well as the main cause of quality loss while enlarging photos. 

How to Zoom in on a Picture and Make it Clear 

There are a couple of ways to enlarge a photo without compromising its quality. Nowadays, a variety of websites have various algorithms that will enable you to magnify the image with the aid of their AI, giving you the chance to view the best outcome from a collection of photographs. Down below, we have discussed three different ways to get the job done-

Option 1: Using Photo Enlarger (Online)

Photo Enlarger is an online photo-expanding tool. So you will be needing a working internet connection to work on this site. 

Step 1: Website

Open your browser and go to

Step 2: Import

Import your image here. Click on the ‘browse’ button under ‘select image to download’. You will be able to access your files by doing so. Locate the image you want to enlarge, then click it to import it.

Step 3: Enlargement

After choosing a photo, an enlargement option will appear. Enter the image’s scale, width, and height, then click Continue.

Step 4: Cropping

The website will perform four different enlargement algorithms for you. View your results and pick the one that looks the best. You can now crop the image.

Step 5: Export-

Now download the final image.

Option 2: Using Inpixio Photo Maximizer

Any form of digital image you have on your device can be converted into high-resolution images using Photo Maximizer. It is an extremely user-friendly photo editor. With Photo Maximizer, you can magnify a very small image or zoom in on a specific area of a photo.

Step 1: Import

Open the application. You must purchase and install the software if you don’t already have it. Open your image on the application.

Step 2: Selecting title

Select a title for your photo. Make sure the name you select is something you can easily remember. This is crucial since it makes it simpler for you to find the required image in your files.

Step 3: Zoom and Crop

Choose the zoom option, then zoom the image to the desired size. Use the zoom setting to enlarge a specific portion of the image if you only want to crop a tiny portion of your photo and enlarge it. After completing this, crop the picture using the crop tool.

Step 4: Export

Save your work and export your image

Option 3: Using GIMP

Gimp is another way to expand your photographs without losing quality. It is extremely user-friendly software.  Gimp is a  fantastic substitute for Adobe Photoshop. The fact that Gimp is free is its best feature. This program can be used to magnify photographs without sacrificing quality in addition to photo-editing. You might not, however, get the same level of success as you would with the other two tools on our list.

Step 1: Import

Bring the picture you want to enlarge into Gimp.

Step 2: Dimensions

Now scale the picture by going to the image. Please enter the image’s desired dimensions.

Step 3: Scaling

Choose Sinc as the interpolation technique in the quality section. Then select “scale picture.” With the aid of the interpolation approach, you can make up for all the larger pixels and ensure that the characteristics of each pixel are identical to those of the pixel next to it. Your image won’t seem pixelated or fuzzy when you expand it as a consequence.

Step 4: Export

When scaling is done, save your work and export your Image.

Aside from the three websites/software mentioned above, you can also try Reshade, Befunky, On1, and Upscale Pics to enhance the size of your image without losing quality.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you zoom in on a picture and make it clear on the iPhone?

To zoom in on a picture on your iPhone, tap the screen twice with three fingers, then drag it up or down without releasing your fingers after the second tap. or use three fingers to triple-tap and drag the Zoom Level slider. Move the Zoom lens by dragging the handle at the bottom of the Zoom lens. With the help of a resizable lens, you may either magnify the entire screen (Full Screen Zoom) or only a portion of it (Window Zoom). Additionally, you can use Zoom together with VoiceOver.

How do you Sharpen a zoomed image?

To do so, first launch Adobe Photoshop and open the zoomed photo on Photoshop. Zoom in completely. Then Select the “Unsharp Mask…” filter, which is located under Filter > Sharpen menu. You’ll see the Unsharp Mask window once you click it. Make sure the Preview option is chosen and that you can see the various areas of the image that need to be sharpened.

How can I make a Blurry Picture Clear?

There are numerous mobile apps and computer software that can improve the clarity of your photographs through the use of their advanced algorithm and AI. You can try different ones and see which one works the best for your image. Adobe Photoshop can definitely help you. But we are suggesting a mobile app called ‘Remini’. It is one of the most powerful AI you can get and is especially helpful if you don’t want to deal with the complicated settings of Adobe Photoshop.


You do not have to discard the pictures that have a low resolution.   Any of the above tools can be used to resize your photographs in order to make them larger. Additionally, you can utilize the tools to enlarge and crop certain objects in your image. The time you would have otherwise spent trying to reshoot the photographs in order to get a suitable resolution will be greatly saved as a result. All of the tools on the list are quick, free, and simple to use. These tools will be extremely helpful to you whether you are an expert or a beginner. Test them out to find which one produces the greatest results for you.

Please leave your questions in the comments if you need any help understanding how to zoom in on a picture and make it clear. Please look at our earlier posts as well if you enjoyed this one. Have a great day!