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How to Turn a Landscape Photo into a Portrait

Changing a landscape photo into a portrait is an easy and beginner-level skill that you will be able to master in no time. Even if you don’t have a powerful software tool like Adobe Photoshop installed on your pc, you can still get the job done using basic photo editing software that can do cropping.  These days, even cell phones can perform this editing with ease. We’ll discuss How to Turn a Landscape Photo into a Portrait using Adobe Photoshop in this article.

How to Turn a Landscape Photo into a Portrait 

There are no specific ways to turn a landscape photo into a portrait. You can do that in a number of ways. Down below, we have discussed some of the easiest ways how you can get the job done-

First Method:

Start by cropping your image if you want to alter a landscape picture without causing any distortion. Landscape photographs frequently use 3:2 aspect ratios. The Crop Tool must be selected from the Tools menu, which may be found on the toolbar located on the left side of your screen. After selecting the Crop Tool, you have to input the ratio of the cropping that you want to see.  That ratio must be entered in the options bar. Select the 2:3 ratio or another portrait ratio of your preference in that box. 

Please be aware that you can further crop the image if you leave the “Delete Cropped Pixels” box unchecked. After that, move the cropped region till you reach the precise area that you want to view. Finally, once you are happy with the image, press the enter key or you may even select the checkbox in the options bar. There you go. You have successfully converted a landscape photo into a portrait. 

Second Method:

You should absolutely give this a shot if you don’t mind a little bit of distortion in your image. Create a selection around the region that you don’t want to be distorted, and then save it as a channel in the channels window. After that, select all and then go to Edit and then make sure that “Content-Aware Scale” is ticked on the options menu, which you need to set to protect. It is better to give your created channel a name to find it later. 

After completing this, scale the picture by dragging the handles. You will notice that the region you had been protecting up to this point will not get deformed. The remaining portion, however, will become deformed little by little. When you are satisfied with the outcome, press Enter button or simply click the tick icon. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to crop off the white space and have a portrait of the picture with the right aspect ratio.

Third Method:

In this method, we will be creating artificial details at the top and the bottom of your landscape image to make it a portrait. So, open the image in photoshop and take the crop tool again. Take any portrait aspect ratio or draw the box according to your own preferences. Do not hesitate to take extra portions at the top and bottom of your landscape image. 

Once done, now it’s time to add details on that extra portion to make it look natural. Pick the magic wand tool from the toolbar and click on the extra portions by holding down the Shift key. After selecting, go to the ‘Select’ dropdown at the top, find ‘Modify’ and click on ‘Expand’ to expand your selection a little bit. After expanding it, go to the ‘Edit’ dropdown and click ‘Content-Aware Fill’. 

A window with an onion skin effect will pop up. You will find some portion of the image highlighted on the preview window. Photoshop basically took samples from those portions to replicate details over your created extra portions. If you want, you can add/subtract the sample portions according to your need by holding down the ‘Alt’ key. Once done, save and export your image.


How does the ‘Content-Aware Fill’ tool work?

It works by analyzing the area you put under the selection, studying the edges of the area you have not selected, and finally replicating the details of the area inside your selected portions. So, in most cases, you need to expand your selection to put more details under your selection. If photoshop gives you some weird results, check the preview window and refine the portions which photoshop takes samples from.

How do you make a landscape photo portrait on Instagram?

When you open a photo, tap on the full-size button in the lower left corner (it looks like two corners). This will automatically change your photo’s aspect ratio to landscape (or portrait if the photo orientation is vertical).

How do you change a photo from horizontal to vertical in Lightroom?

Using the keyboard shortcut “X” to rotate Crop in Lightroom is the simplest method. To access the Develop module and turn on the Crop Overlay tool, first hit the “R” key. Then, to choose between Portrait and Landscape crop orientation, use the shortcut “X.”


Converting a landscape shot into a portrait is easy if you know the aspect ratio you want your final image to be. You can also use some basic and lightweight software like Adobe Lightroom, Google photos, or your basic mobile photo editing apps to cut down your landscape to make them portraits.  We are certain that if you have followed our instructions up to this point, you will be able to complete these stages later on without our assistance.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have any additional questions about this subject. Please take a look at our other posts if you enjoyed this one. Hoping to see you soon again with a new topic.