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Shadow Service
Drop Shadow Service


Drop shadow is a great tool to bring a depth of field and an element of photorealism to your photos. Put simply, drop shadow does exactly what it sounds like. It drops a shadow. For example, let’s use, we are making a poster design featuring a product. Just putting a cut-out of the product on the design looks fake and often unappealing. So, in such cases, we can add an expertly crafted shadow around the product to bring realism into the design. When used properly, Drop Shadow is an incredibly versatile tool that unlocks many creative paths and ideas in graphic design. Now, crafting a realistic drop shadow is no easy task, especially for someone with no experience. And that’s where our market-leading Drop Shadow service comes from.


Photoshop is the leading image editing software on the market. And there is no better tool than Photoshop to add drop shadows to your photos and designs. Hence, for our Drop Shadow service, we only use veteran Photoshop experts. Using Photoshop, our designers expertly add drop shadows customized to our subject, its shape, and its orientation to maximize realism in the photos. This is done through a complex editing process combining a plethora of advanced Photoshop tools. 

As a cherry on top, Photoshop Shadow service is also non-destructive. All the shadows are placed in a separate layer. So, no permanent damage is done to the actual image and can be edited quite easily afterward. Photoshop Shadow Service is highly sought after by various marketing entities, e-commerce websites, brick, and mortar stores just to name a few.


Based on the shape and orientation of the object within the image, designers have to use different kinds of shadows for different projects. In addition, if there are elements of light in the photo, how the shadow interacts with the light also is a crucial deciding factor. Based on all these variables, we offer a host of different shadow services to meet your exact needs.


Without a proper drop shadow service, a product image comes off looking like it is floating in thin air. The basic Drop Shadow service adds a bold shadow around the outlines of your object. An outline of the object is drawn using the pen tool, then morphed and distorted so that it falls into the correct perspective according to the context of the image. This adds a pleasing depth of field effect to the image making it more attractive. By emulating shadows on the background of the image, we can help viewers perceive the product in a realistic setting.

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Many product photos have natural shadows while taking photos. Many a time, a photographer deliberately takes the photos in such a way that the shadow complements the product. While novice designers often make a mess of working with natural shadows, we at Best Image Edit, know how important natural shadows are in the composition of a photo. Hence, our workers diligently keep natural shadows in their clippings and add additions and modifications as necessary. Such modifications may include sharpening or diffusing the shadow.

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Reflection shadow is an amazing way to add eye-catching flair to your product designs. In case of reflection shadow, designers make a cut-out of a certain portion of an object from beneath, vertically invert that portion and place it slightly below the actual object. Using editing tools and techniques they further edit that portion to give it a look of reflection. Reflection shadows are very popular in marketing campaigns for stylish products like cars, jewelry, shoes, etc. In the case of marketing materials for products like watches, and sunglasses that often create reflections, using reflection shadows is a great form of subliminal messaging.

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Product photos are often taken in extremely artificial environments. Entire sets are made to complement only the best features of the product. However, this can lead to the image looking highly unnatural and idealistic as well. One of the biggest reasons for that is artificial-looking shadows. We provide best-in-class service for taking these product photos out of their images and adding natural-looking shadows around them. Giving the images a realistic look in this manner enhances viewers’ and potential buyers’ perception of the product.

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Cast shadows are used to create realistic shadows for objects that would, in real scenarios, create hollow shadows. These are unusually shaped objects with weirdly shaped light-blocking elements. Take a bicycle wheel for example. If the light is shone on the wheel at an angle from the front. It would create a patterned shadow behind due to the metal wires. Our professional designers add cast shadows for objects with hollow portions. Shadow service for such products can be quite tricky and time-consuming.

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Often, product photos have impeccable original shadows. Such photos do not need to have shadows added on, rather a designer must retain its shadows around the edges. Our veteran designers use advanced techniques to make proper cut-outs that don’t harm the original shadows. When it comes to authenticity, you really can’t beat the effect of an original shadow.

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Floating shadows are used to express that an object is flying in the air. Think of a real-life example. A bird flying in the sky on a sunny day would certainly have a shadow on the ground, right? Hence, the cue of a shadow can help people navigate whether an object is in flight or not. Adding floating shadows to flying objects in your photos and designs will elevate their sense of photorealism. With the help of light’s guiding principles, our designers create authentic floating shadows that don’t look out of place. 

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The mirror Effect comes in handy when working with objects placed on shiny backgrounds. Materials like ceramic, glass, etc. If not used correctly, the mirror effect can look quite childish and unprofessional. However, our panel of expert designers has the experience to know when and how the effect must be used. Rest assured they will provide you with the best possible drop shadow service when it comes to mirror effect.

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Shadow Service


Adding proper shadows to objects can be a tricky and time-consuming endeavour. There are a lot of complex principles involved in the making of a realistic shadow. How does the light react with the object in the photo? What is the shape of the object’s outline? Is the object filled or hollow? All these questions can be a great hassle.

That is where Shadow Service comes in. Our team of veteran designers takes care of all your drop shadow needs. Combining their unparalleled technical knowledge of Photoshop tools with their intuition of playing with light and shadows, they bring out the best results for you. All you have to do is place the order and leave all the headaches to the pros. With years of experience under their belt, our designers will provide you with the best service in the most efficient time frames. 


When looking at photos, what people look for the most is authenticity. Especially when they are looking at products they might want to buy. If the edit looks too fake, customers are turned off. They build a negative perception about the product’s quality in their heads. So, how can someone avoid this? Of course, the clear answer is to make sure their products look photorealistic. Shadows and highlights are integral parts of an image. Without shadow, images in photos can’t create proper depth of field. As a result, the photos look unrealistic to the customer’s eyes. Adding shadows to your product photos goes a long way in building credibility and directly improving your revenue.

Furthermore, drop shadows can be used to add dramatic effects to your photos and designs. When properly used by expert designers, this creates eye-catching visuals that are sure to grab people’s attention. 


For any professional or business entity that deals with product images and designs, availing of a shadow creation service brings about a host of perks. 

Higher Quality Promotional Material: The first and most important benefit comes from how a shadow creation service can improve your bottom line as a business. We have talked about how adding professional shadows to your photos and designs gives them an elevated and realistic look. These higher-quality contents will attract more eyeballs and customers to your business and boost the credibility of your products. Suffices it to say, this comes with a guaranteed hike in revenue and brand image.

Contract-Based Service: For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s financially very difficult to keep professional designers on the payroll at all times. But, they don’t need shadow creation service at all times. Hence, it makes more sense for such businesses to avail of contract-based services from companies like Best Image Edit. That way, your small business can benefit from the quality of world-class designers without having to hire professionals full-time. Shadow creation service will be a cost-effective way to rapidly grow your business. 

Saving Time: In the age of digital media, if you are not constantly churning out quality content you are lagging behind your competition. Availing shadow creation services cut down on the time required to create quality content. The less time you spend waiting around for your content, the more posts you can make. Build your brand with our rapid fast service.

Shadow Service


Photoshop Shadow Service is to be used during the post-production edits of product images. Whenever you feel like your image is looking a little flat, without any depth of field in the image. That is when you use Photoshop shadow service to spice up your image.

There are many cheap quality AI-powered gimmicky shadow tools on the internet. But almost 99% of the time these programs spew out generic mass-produced shadows that don’t match with images. Rather than adding photorealism, these shadows make the images look fake and unprofessional. Hence, hiring a quality Photoshop shadow service during post-production edits is the most sensible route to take. 


We, here at Best Image Edit, believe we are the perfect option for you to outsource your Photoshop Shadow Service. Now, why is that? 

Our motto is to provide world-class service at affordable rates. When it comes to quality, our professional editors are handpicked from a vast pool of applicants. Only the best with the most work experience get to be a part of our team. And the quality of our work is just as brilliant as our talent. It’s not the quality that matters though, you need a service that is quick and reliable. And even there, we have you covered. We are committed to delivering your orders in industry-leading timeframes. Plus, our support team is always there for answering your questions and solving your doubts. We also provide unlimited revisions on each and every order.

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